About me


I grew up with music, at first studying piano then devoting myself to singing. I got started as a soprano in polyphonic choirs, with important choir directors like Marco Vinicio Penati and Adriano Barbieri Torriani, singing for more than 10 years both sacred and profane repertoires. Alongside classical music, I sang as a soloist in various pop and folk band, then deepened the study of the great blues musicians. Currently, I am singing for events and clubs in Milan and Barcelona-Spain and I continuously study (lately, I attended the J-RO School of Music in Detroit-USA).

I also participated in contests related to the vintage world winning several awards, as Miss Pin Up at the Motor Show Brianza 2016 and Miss Smile at the Vintage Roots Festival 2017. 

Sono cresciuta con la musica, prima studiando pianoforte poi dedicandomi al canto. Per oltre 10 anni ho cantato come soprano in cori polifonici, insieme a importanti direttori come Marco Vinicio Penati e Adriano Barbieri Torriani, con repertori sia sacri sia profani. Alla musica classica affiancavo serate come solista pop e folk in varie formazioni, poi sono approdata a blues e jazz. Attualmente canto presso eventi e club di Milano e Barcellona-Spagna, e continuo a studiare (ultimamente ho frequentato la J-RO School of Music di Detroit-USA).

Ho anche partecipato a contest vintage vincendo diversi premi, tra cui Miss Pin Up presso il Motor Show Brianza 2016 e Miss Sorriso al Vintage Roots Festival 2017.